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Motorcycle speed sensor

Motorcycle speed sensor

Motorcycle speed sensor

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Motorcycle, electric car speed sensor series, PVS shell material, digital signal output, wear resistant, high temperature resistant, instead of the traditional flexible shaft, can be used directly with the digital instrument.

Electrical parameters

Working voltage 5VDC-24VDC

The no-load current is 40mA

Output type NPN, type PNP

The load current is 60mA

Induction distance 0-2.5mm

The rise time of < 10 μ

The output signal of square wave pulse

Fall time < 10 μ

The use of temperature -40 ° -80 °

0-15KHz frequency response

Non electrical parameters:

The maximum speed of <150 r/s

Movement: < ± 1mm steering

Starting torque of <600 Nm

Anti shake <550 m/s ² 55-2000Hz

The quality of <100g (do not contain lead)

Load connection:

The output for the NPN load between VCC and OUT, PNP output load between OUT and GND.

Dimensions (mm): M15

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