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Fuel filter

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    • Fuel filter
    • Fuel filter
  • Fuel filter

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    Detailed Product Description

    Product features:

    1, reduce the injection system or carburetor wear, save fuel consumption;

    Clean the filter efficiency of 2, the best anti erosion, chemical substances in the fuel oil;

    3, to provide reliable protection and safe operation of the engine;

    Safety precautions 4, maximum, reliable protection of high precision injectionsystem and the carburetor, prolonging the service life of the engine;

    5, the removal of pollutants in water and fuel, resulting in corrosion of mechanical parts;

    6, to ensure the safe operation of injection system components, to prevent theinjection system was corrosion;

    7, gasoline oil resistance decreased, more clean gasoline into the engine;

    8, strong resistance to high and low. High durability, 100% anti leakage, high quality imported filter paper, firewood mixture and rubber.

    Replacing fuel filter:

    1, the gas filter correct new connections in the fuel line interface:

    A. quick bayonet type connector is if. If a rubber ring. The replacement of rubber ring connected and clicks must confirm the connection in place

    B. if the connection head of the ball head, need to confirm the connection surfaceis clean. After connected to ensure contact ball head and spherical and fastening

    C. if the hose connection. Ensure the hose without aging, damage phenomenon,correctly with the tube clip fastening

    2, to ensure that the pipeline is installed at the correct position, do not interfere with other places;

    3, start the engine idle speed and acceleration for a period of time, check whether there is leakage;

    4, pay attention to the installation direction.




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