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Light Commercial Vehicle

Light Commercial Vehicle

Light Commercial Vehicle

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Chongqing China
Brand Name: ISUZU
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Detailed Product Description
Capacity (Load): 1 - 10t Drive Wheel: 4x2
Horsepower: 150 - 250hp Transmission Type: Manual
Emission Standard: Euro 4 Fuel Type: Diesel
Engine Capacity: < 4L

New Isuzu 4JB1-TC1 diesel engine electronic control
The use of high pressure injection (VEE distribution pump), turbocharged in the cooling, cooling EGR emission control technology, with strong power, low fuel consumption, reliable and durable, etc., more suitable for China's use of the environment.
4KH1-TC displacement: 3.0L maximum power: 130 HP maximum torque: M / 280N
The world's leading Isuzu 4KH1-TC full electronic control of diesel engines, embodies the world's leading Isuzu diesel engine three core technologies - optimal combustion control technology, exhaust postprocessing technology, electronic control technology, and the best combination, make the engine more powerful, more excellent emission.
Spacious cabin, a broader vision mirror curvature after. Front window glass and side window A column blind spot is only 7 degrees, the use of car seat, soft steering wheel, metal texture of the curved surface covered, high-grade quality sound system, fresh and comfortable, the driver is not fatigue.
Quality chassis 3.5-4.0 tons
The high capacity of 2.5 tons and 4.8 tons of wide beam, stamping and welding axle, the spring stiffness and shock absorber matching to optimize the design, layout, meet the stability of vehicle ride comfort and heavy haul transportation needs, at the same time the pump wide shoe and large size, ensure good braking effect, mainly part of the frame adopts a double-layer structure, to meet the needs of long-term heavy.
Isuzu 4K engine
The world's leading 4KH1-TC full electronic control of diesel engines, high technology, strong power, ultra fuel-efficient, high reliability, lightweight.
Design aspect
The high precision and large coincidence coefficient gear can improve the ride comfort, improve the service life of the gear, and reduce the transmission noise effectively. Engine oil with lower viscosity is required.
Standard aspect
Gear materials standards, assembly bench test standard is far higher than the national standard. Material thermal deformation survey, oxygen content, grain size and other indicators are higher than the standard car use, the total load of 720 hours of continuous testing, equivalent to 100 thousand kilometers of normal traffic.
Equipment guarantee
The use of anti deformation, ultra-high pressure electron beam welding, two times a strong shot blasting, gear matching grinding and other advanced technology and equipment.
To achieve mutual supply and Isuzu parts sharing platform. The transmission assembly has entered the global purchasing system of isuzu. Batch sold isuzu.
The overall shape, no joint compartment plate; when combined with seamless bonding process. The composite plate in the middle insulation layer with hard PU foam, high density, closed at a rate above 80%. A box structure of metal bridge design. The car total heat transfer coefficient is less than or equal to 0.3W/M2 - K, air tightness and insulation performance are higher than the national A-level standards. Refrigerated compartment of refrigerator cooling faster, shorter working hours, guarantee the transportation of goods quality at the same time, more fuel-efficient, energy saving.
Aluminum alloy profiles, wall thickness of 4mm, to ensure the connection strength of the box body, while reducing the weight of the box body. Design of stiffener integration, greatly increasing the strong strength of the floor plate with side beam + beam structure, improve the bearing capacity of the box body. The plate surface can be customized using aluminum, stainless steel plate or resin material, body surface corrosion resistant up to 10 years.
High quality refrigeration system
The standard configuration of the refrigeration system for the Japanese electric double compressor refrigeration system
According to user requirements, the refrigeration unit can refrigeration unit optional other brands or other models, in order to specify (in the vehicle door may have different problems and announcement).
Vehicle matching design, give full play to the high quality chassis, quality of the overall performance of the refrigerator
Special dual compressor chassis development. Standardization of the installation of the cooling system to ensure the reliability of the system operation. According to the vehicle development thinking, according to the load capacity of the bridge before and after the chassis, braking force distribution and lateral stability, together with the design of the box body size and chassis connection, to ensure the use of the vehicle performance.

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