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Injection machine for medical use

Injection machine for medical use

Injection machine for medical use

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Place of Origin: China
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Detailed Product Description

High-speed injection molding machine for medical use
Product information:
Mainly used for the production of disposable syringes syringes, vacuum blood transfusion valves and other disposable plastic medical products, medical plastic molding equipment in line with key criteria:
     1. cleanliness, equipment, degree of contamination from outside, the device does not produce pollution outside regeneration.
     2. The precision of the device at the shortest possible cycle conditions, a high quality reproducibility, stability and safety device with the highest optimum quality of molded products.
Product has the following characteristics:
A servo control system for oil and electricity, high response, high precision, speed closed-loop pressure control;
2, the use of new materials, shoe self-lubricating, reduce oil pollution;
3, clamping machine hinge by circulating lubrication systems to reduce pollution generated lubricant to keep the machine clean;
4, the article forming zone closed design, with laminar flow of the positive pressure air delivery means, the forming zone may be a separate cleaning system;
5, blanking area surface laying stainless steel, transport equipment and products form a separate intervals, to prevent environmental pollution products;
6, the top of the mold synchronization function, shorten the molding cycle time, increase productivity;
7, professional medical equipment mold.
The main technical parameters
Clarmping unit:
Clamping force: 2580KN
Opening stroke:520mm
Platen size: 800x760mm
Space between bars:560x490mm
Max.Mold height:580mm
Min.Mold height:230mm
Ejector stroke:145mm
Ejector force:77KN
Injection Unit:
Screw diameter:46mm
Screw L/D ration: 24
Injection pressure:168Mpa
Short volume:299cm3
Shot weight(PS):266g
Injection rate:368 g/s
Plasticizing capacity:50 g/s
Screw stroke:180mm
Screw speed:350 rpm
Power Unit:
Hydraulic systme pressure: 17.5Mpa
Pump motor power: 11+41KW
Heater power: 17.7KW


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