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Stainless steel pneumatic stirring barrels

Stainless steel pneumatic stirring barrels

Stainless steel pneumatic stirring barrels

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Detailed Product Description

Specifications Model: 400L
Mixing bucket capacity: 420L
Barrel body size: Φ7000 * H800 * 2.0mm (other thicknesses can be customized)
Lid thickness: 3.0mm (bottom of the barrel with taper)
Mixing bucket Material: SUS304
Process: surface polished brushed
Liquid Viscosity: 5000CP less
Power source: Compressed air
Working pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.7Mpa
Material type: liquid - liquid
Job Type: Continuous operation
Applicable Logistics: paint, epoxy, grease, glue, chemicals, polymers, emulsions, oil, solvents, inks, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other chemical liquid dosing
Motor power: 1 / 2HP (motor power according to stir the liquid viscosity optional)
Speed range: 0 to 750 r / min (speed adjustable)
Air consumption: 0.395M3 / min
Blade style: three-blade (propeller, wing wrapping, vortex, scattered disk optional)
Blade Size: 10 "(OD 250mm) * 2 
Agitator shaft: Φ16 * L700mm
1. Using authentic SUS304 # stainless steel, brushed polished surface; one input, durable.
2. barrel body with 2.0MM thick lid 3MM (depending on process requirements, according to the actual situation)
3. Stainless steel air mixing barrel brushed surface, texture, and solder all of the processing, beautiful atmosphere.
4. equipped with explosion-proof pneumatic mixer, using compressed air as a power source; 100% proof; safe and reliable.
5. proof piston motor, powerful, stable performance, low failure rate.
6. With the liquid contact parts SUS304 stainless steel, corrosion, acid; surface polished, easy to clean.
7. Each mixer components using screws, and easy disassembly; simple maintenance.
8. The mixing drum according to customer requirements drawing, customized according to requirements; a lower discharge, side discharge, priming diaphragm pumps and other means available.
9. The stainless steel air mixing tub; contact with the liquid portion 316L material can be customized.
10. equipped with mobile casters, carts handrails for easy mobility, the lid 1/3 open, easy feeding


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