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Medical Waste Incinerator

Medical Waste Incinerator

    • Medical Waste Incinerator
    • Medical Waste Incinerator
  • Medical Waste Incinerator

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    1. The use of gasification burning technology for burning of syringes, drip container and other medical equipment and a variety of paper-based waste materials, bandages, cotton wool, various medical dirt with hospitals, medical institutions to exclude a variety of waste. 
    2. Using gasification incineration, resulting in garbage can once a day incineration. 
    3. The use of gasification burning, mixed burning, burn treatment technology, makes smoke, soot content of less than the national emission standards. 
    The fully enclosed run, suitable for the treatment of infectious medical waste, to avoid secondary pollution. 
    5. Small size, small footprint. 
    6. The series of oil and gas incinerator points are two, users may need to use different types.
    Incineration of medical waste incinerator Heat Values​​: Mixed calorific value of about 3500Kcal / Kg or less 
    Medical waste incinerator Ignition: automatic ignition 
    Medical waste incinerator auxiliary fuel: diesel (low calorific value 10495Kcal / Kg) 
    Medical waste incinerator structure: direct-fired furnaces 
    A medical waste incinerator combustion chamber temperature: ≥650 ℃ ~ 850 ℃ 
    Medical waste incinerator secondary combustion chamber temperature: ≥900 ℃ ~ 1100 ℃ 
    A medical waste incinerator combustion chamber flue gas outlet temperature ≥850 ℃ 
    Medical waste incinerator furnace surface temperature ≤35 ℃ 
    Medical waste incinerator outlet flue gas oxygen content (dry flue gas): 6% -10% 
    Medical waste incinerator residence time: ≥3 seconds 
    Medical waste incinerator furnace pressure: negative pressure design, do not backfire, -3 ~ -10mmH2O column 
    Incineration of medical waste incinerator residues hot burning rate:> 5% 
    Medical waste incinerators in operation time:> 2400 hours 
    Medical waste incinerator life: ≥20 years 
    Medical waste incinerator furnace sealed, feed door sealed structure to prevent gas leakage


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