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Sterilizing Oven(Double door)

Sterilizing Oven(Double door)

Sterilizing Oven(Double door)

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
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Detailed Product Description

Inner size(mm)           600×500×750          800×800×1000         1000×1000×1200       1000×1200×1500
Outter size(mm)        1650×900×1750      1850×1200×1950       2050×1400×2150        2050×1600×2450
Heating power  kw                  9                                  15                                  22                                    28
Circulating fan  kw                  1.1                               2.2                                  3.0                                  4.0
Supplementary fan  kw          0.06                            0.18                                0.18                               0.25
Moisture fan kw                       0.18                            0.25                                 0.37                              0.75
Temperature Range  ℃                                          Room temperature~300
Clean rating                                                                      Class 100
Circulation fan flow  m3/h     2540                           2700                                  2900                          3200
Supplementary fan flow  m3/h    300                        408                                     408                             408
1.  motorized door using a pneumatic hoist system security and stability;
2.  motorized door using advanced vacuum sealing method, to ensure a good seal doors, simple and practical, effectively avoid contamination of sterilized items;
3.  this series of products into the wind, exhaust system, and the body side chambers are equipped with high-temperature H13 levels high efficiency filter, filtration efficiency of 99.99%, to ensure the chamber reaches one hundred;
4.  the cavity main filter uses an innovative modular sealing process, improve product efficiency at the same time, making it easier to disassemble maintenance;
5.   laminar flow inside the cavity plate using a unique pore size distribution is controlled horizontal laminar flow air, effectively improve the thermal efficiency and temperature uniformity;
6.   the device uses an advanced automatic control system, automatic temperature control, automatic maintain lumen positive;
7.   independent over-temperature protection system, effectively guarantee the safety equipment;
8.   this product is reserved for multifunction dust particles can be carried out to verify the interface verification test and temperature distribution testing;
9.   the chamber has a main filter DOP validation port;
10.   various cooling methods, improve work efficiency.
Structural features:
1.   all parts and materials may contact the interior of the cavity are made of 316L stainless steel material;
2.   the outer surface using 304-2B stainless steel, with a new production process, in line with the GMP requirements and make the appearance more simple and beautiful;
3.   the unique thermal methods to ensure product surface temperature ≤ room temperature + 15 ℃ z;
4.   unique sealed inner chamber welding, arc transition corners body cavity structure, no dead easy to clean.
Technical parameters:

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