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China Carbon canister factory

Carbon canister

Main: square, round canister canister, cylindrical canister, triangular canister. The activated carbon canister (Charcoal canister) is the active carbon pot filled, used to adsorb the gasoline vapor escaping ... Read More
2015-12-03 09:21:15
China General machinery catalytic converter factory

General machinery catalytic converter

For emission standards certification requirements of non-road machinery (universal engines) EPA, CARB and others, exhaust gas purification catalysts only use for universal engines were developed. The conversion ... Read More
2015-12-03 09:21:15
China Motorcycle Catalytic Converter factory

Motorcycle Catalytic Converter

The introduction of motocycle catalytic converter Emitted exhaust characteristics: The composition of conventional pollutant CO, HC, NOx is complex, and is also high temperature, high airspeeds, so the ... Read More
2015-12-03 09:21:15
China Gasoline automobile catalytic converter factory

Gasoline automobile catalytic converter

The external structure of the apparatus is a stainless steel plate barrel. The interlayer between steel plates is filled with heat insulation material, and catalyst is filled in internal mesh partition. When ... Read More
2015-12-03 09:21:15
China Gas fuel catalytic catalyst (CNG) factory

Gas fuel catalytic catalyst (CNG)

The emitted exhaust gas of CNG / LPG vehicles passes through the ceramic honeycomb catalyst. The activity groups of catalyst were mainly rare earth oxides, metals and transition metals. When temperature is ... Read More
2015-12-03 09:21:15
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